Trip Journals

Ceske Budejovice; Czech Republic; touring bikes

Our bikes parked in the market square- Česky Budejovice, Czech Republic.

This page is dedicated to providing first hand accounts and information from our bike travels. Included in these journals you will find a breakdown of each nation and individual pages dedicated to each day of our experiences travelling by bicycle.

Also Included are:

* Detailed maps of our routes;

* Notes on route choices and ride profile;

* Tips on where to stay, what to expect, and what we discovered;

* A few of our favorite pics for your viewing pleasure.

While choosing the route and planning the ride can be at least half the fun of any bike tour, its also takes time and effort.   When planning our bike travels we evaluate several factors: availability of information, cycling network development, affordability, lodging options, terrain, our own willingness to challenge ourselves and the possibility of bringing home some great stories.  These are our stories.

Trip journals:

Czech Republic