Mapping the “bicycle travel” revolution

Travelling by bicycle provides a unique and engaging way to experience not only new places, but the people who live there, too. As we began to travel to different places by bike we found that we needed knowledge. We wanted to find information about places to go, the best low-traffic and scenic routes for bikes, what to take with us, where to sleep and eat and the things we might discover along the way.

Cycling the Dead Seas; Israel; Two Wheel Travel

Two Wheel Travel is composed of Carolyn Bys and Tyler Robertson — two Portlanders who have been gulaged to Eastern Europe for work. Although we live in Poland now, we still like to travel by bicycle.

We’re not experts or technical gurus, however we do have a good bit of experience to share. Like any set of wheels on a bike, we are a team effort. Carolyn is the trip advisor and Tyler carries the tool kit. We do swap roles from time to time and we always share the cooking.

Join us as we map the bicycle travel revolution. We have always been active cyclists, mostly cycling to and from work or to the store along city streets and the occasional weekend trip into the country-side. After some time we found ourselves wanting to go further. We wanted more information about where to go, which routes to take and what to see along the way. Being Americans, now living in Eastern Europe, we had other issues to overcome too. Namely cycling through foreign countries and communicating ( sort of..) in foreign languages. Inspired by folks like ‘Travelling Two‘ and ‘The Path Less Pedaled‘ we decided that we needed to record our experiences to share with others.

We created Two Wheel Travel as a place to share information, experiences and contribute to the quest to conquer (and travel) the world by bicycle.

Join us, won’t you…?